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Connecting and Enriching Tin Shui Wai

Technology Hub


Digital Technology Hub

LFS will be positioned as a Digital Technology Hub, creating synergies with the neighbouring Qianhai and Nanshan areas in Shenzhen. The Hub will capitalise on advanced technologies to promote integration of new and traditional economies covering Fintech, smart living, digital entertainment, etc. It will serve as an incubation base for young talents and start-ups to support the modern services industry and leverage on the development opportunities arising from HSK/HT NDA and the Qianhai and Nanshan areas.

A site adjacent to the proposed LFS station of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Rail Link (Hung Shui Kiu-Qianhai) (HSWRL) has been earmarked for the Hub of a scale comparable to Cyberport in Pokfulam. The digital technology facilities will be complemented by hotel, retail spaces, talent accommodation and other supporting facilities. There will be landmark facilities serving as the welcoming gateway for tourists.

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