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Creation of a Gateway

The proposed LFS station of the HSWRL, Digital Technology Hub, waterfront performance venue and the waterfront open space as a gateway to Hong Kong.

Urban-rural Integration

Ensuring design harmony between new developments and existing villages and rural / natural environment, utilising sensible built forms and preserving / revitalising natural and cultural elements.

Responsive to Site Context

Gradation of development densities entailing high density developments around railway stations in town centre and descending towards TBT and PN and the seaside, creating a quality living environment attractive to all.

Smart, Green and Resilient Initiatives

Adopting 15-minute neighbourhoods, smart and sustainable mobility with green transport corridor, car-free precincts, breezeways, district cooling system, etc., to encourage carbon neutrality and healthy living.

Blue-Green Enhancement

Interweaving landscape and ecological corridors with development clusters, promoting biodiversity through blue-green strategy, open space network and enhancing ecological connectivity.

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